Podcast: Steve Kilbey of The Church and Kilbey Kennedy

When I recorded this interview with Steve Kilbey, The Church were on an American tour in support of their superb album Further/Deeper.

I conversed with Steve Kilbey via Skype. With me at home base in North Carolina and Kilbey beaming in from a hotel room a few states away, it should have been a normal podcast recording. I’ve recorded around 100 of these things over the years and have rarely had any trouble.

As fate would have it, during the interview an electrical storm of Zeus proportions arose and my power flickered around a dozen times. This caused Skype to stutter, thus making chunks of the interview unusable for publication.

The first half of the interview focused on the writing process for Further/Deeper. It was no surprise to learn The Church write as a collective. There was talk of how seamlessly new Church member Ian Haug fit into the band. A minute or so of the conversation focused on some questionable record label behavior a couple of years earlier.

Sadly the topics covered above can’t be published because the audio is too choppy due to the storm. After recently rediscovering the audio from that evening, I found a 15 minute section that was in good enough shape to publish.

What you’ll hear in this episode is the second half of the original interview. Sections of pertinent songs are mixed in and I have to say I’m eternally grateful for Steven’s generosity and patience with the obstacles mother nature was hurling my way.

Near the end of the podcast you’ll hear Steven open a package of mints. Also, I hold a small square of a Steve Kilbey painting up to the camera for Steven as it was included in a package I ordered from his website. I keep it in my studio for inspiration.

As for the salvaged portion of the interview, we touch on Steven’s favorite song from Further/Deeper, his opinion on mp3 vs. vinyl, “Day 5” from Uninvited Like The Clouds, his solo album Painkiller, the ongoing Kilbey Kennedy project, and how a guy in Hungary tried to steal a classic Church song.

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