Top Ten Hidden Songs: Pink Floyd

These songs don’t get the same amount of airplay as “Money” or “Comfortably Numb”, but they should:


Remember A Day


See Emily Play




Crying Song


Heart Beat, Pig Meat





Granchester Meadows

A Pillow Of Winds


Wots, Uh The Deal

Audio: A Chat With Reece Gardner



Reece Gardner began his broadcasting career in 1959 and currently hosts The Reece Gardner Hour, which emanates from TACC9. The show can currently be seen from Kinston to the coast through multiple television outlets. Additionally, several years of The Reece Gardner HourĀ episodes are currently available for streaming on the TACC9 archive page.

In this interview recorded on April 21, Reece talks about the origins of his life in broadcasting, some of his favorite guests and his thoughts on the upcoming presidential election.

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview.

Jon Dawson: Musician, Writer, Trophy Husband


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