Latest columns for Neuse News and EdNC

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Audio: Novelist/David Letterman writer Bill Scheft talks tributes, plastic surgery and Jay Leno’s voicemail

Greatest podcast guest of all-time Bill Scheft returns to talk about putting together a tribute to his wife and comic extraordinaire Adrianne Tolsch, a phenomenal new documentary about plastic surgery and a voicemail he recently received from Jay Leno. Other topics covered include the week The Late Show spent in London, former Johnny Carson producer […]

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Kinston Free Press: Cat escapes vending machine Two locals narrowly escape Canada Santa issues warning on snacks NewSong comes to Kinston A Tax Deduction looks at 12 Christmas trees and Aqua Velva Pigs invade local residence   Spartan Herald Journal: Two locals narrowly escape Canada Cat freed from vending machine   Hendersonville Times-News: A Tax […]

Recent columns for the Kinston Free Press, Wilmington Star News and Hendersonville Times-News

Kinston Free Press: Snow Hill man’s dog-wig business takes off Injuries reported at adult-themed haunted house The dark side of fall foliage   Hendersonville Times-News: The final Tax Deduction column? Snow Hill man’s dog-wig business takes off Two injured at adult-themed haunted house   Wilmington Star News: Snow Hill Man’s dog-wig business takes off   […]