Recent columns for the Kinston Free Press, Wilmington Star News and Hendersonville Times-News

Kinston Free Press: Snow Hill man’s dog-wig business takes off Injuries reported at adult-themed haunted house The dark side of fall foliage   Hendersonville Times-News: The final Tax Deduction column? Snow Hill man’s dog-wig business takes off Two injured at adult-themed haunted house   Wilmington Star News: Snow Hill Man’s dog-wig business takes off   […]

Restaurant for dogs opens in Kinston

His, hers fire hydrants provided for canines The efforts to revitalize downtown Kinston continue with the opening of a new restaurant designed for dogs. “This has been a lifelong dream of mine,” said Belly Rub Cafe’ owner/operator Elliot Gould. “The whole world is going to the dogs, so I figure they needed their own restaurant.” […]