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From the vault: Bill Scheft on the true story of Bill Hick’s banned Letterman performance

This was one of my first podcasts but Bill Scheft was so good it made up for my ineptness.

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Audio: Novelist/Letterman writer/Truant Bill Scheft returns

Our all-time favorite podcast guest Bill Scheft returns to reflect on the moving (and often hysterical) memorial service for his wife and certified comedic genius Adrianne Tolsch.

The wide ranging conversation also ventures into the sensitive state of comedy, dinner with Don Rickles, a cathartic road trip to the Grand Canyon, a fresh joke from Bill’s former employer and the first shot fired in my attempt to interview someone connected to the show “Ed”.

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Bill’s previous appearances on our show.

Bill Scheft’s books available from Amazon.

Music featured in this episode:

Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen

Fearless – Pink Floyd

Sweetness Follows – R.E.M.

Mystic Slide – Third Of Never

Realms of Shade  – Tuatara

Time Won’t Let Me* – The Smithereens

*(we’ve used the original so often I decided to throw my acquaintances from New Jersey some airtime)

Podcast: Adrianne Tolsch

A few years ago legendary comedian Adrianne Tolsch was gracious enough to appear on our podcast. She shared stories of her early days in stand-up, the kindness of Rodney Dangerfield and the genius of Bill Hicks.

Adrianne Tolsch died on Dec. 7 of esophageal cancer. She was 78.

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CLICK HERE for thoughts on Adrianne from her husband Bill Scheft.




Bill Scheft talks about comedy’s newest legend, Tommy Dash

Bill Scheft (left) with his shrink.


In a mammoth new interview, veteran David Letterman writer Bill Scheft talks about the final episode of The Late Show and extols the virtues of his latest creation Tommy Dash.

Scheft also tells stories about writing for Chris Rock, opening for Andrew Dice Clay and  audiences who are afraid to laugh.

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To read Bill’s Tommy Dash series visit HollywoodDementia.com.

Bill Scheft’s books on Amazon.

Want more free funny? Check out this podcast with Bill’s better half Adrianne Tolsch.

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